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Whether in a Lunch & Learn setting, keynote presentation or during fitness breaks that are scheduled with a trainer, employees can be empowered in their life-long learning to experience the lecture material that we offer in support of their wellness efforts.


Holistically speaking, everything is interconnected, so everything matters.

Master Plan

This presentation serves as a road map of the exciting journey ahead, and as a chance to get to know each other at the same time. Noticing the interconnections between things, including people, is always a good thing.


Fitness First

The importance of movement and practicing body awareness, posture, lifting techniques and breathing exercises to get the energies flowing towards measurably better fitness levels.


Dietary Arts

This topic is as important as it is challenging, especially in today's world. From a fitness nutrition specialist standpoint we look at fueling performance, mental and physical, and the moving target of the modern post-industrialized food supply.


Mental Strategies

Behavior change starts in the mind. From stress management to memory techniques, from goal setting to starting with "tiny habits," this talk looks at the cognitive coaching model of self-direction for personal excellence.


Play & Humor

This is Howard's flagship presentation, with everything from laughter yoga to the importance of of playfulness in creativity and peak performance.


Reviews & Testimonials:

This letter is to address the outstanding teaching/facilitating ability of Mr. Brian Allison. Brian has been a guest speaker on four occasions at the U.S. Coast Guard Academy. His lecture series dealing with the physiological/psychological issues of "Wellness in American Society" were outstanding and highly acclaimed by our Cadets.

Peter K. Barry,

Associate Professor Health/P .E.

A magical performance. “Amazing.” “Unbelievable.” “A remarkable gift.” These were just some of the reactions to Brian Paul Allison’s performance of his Poetry-Theater (Tour de Force) at the Woodland Pond Retirement Community in New Paltz, NY.

Helena Hassan

"Howard has been hired by dozens of our member organizations over the years to help them relieve stress, build more effective teams and boost morale. I hear nothing but rave reviews and I highly recommend him to any organization."

Ron Cretaro, Executive Director

Connecticut Association of Non Profits


Speaker One Sheet

Presentations are intended to be motivational, though not necessarily advertised as such. Audience interaction and participation is encouraged.


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